Now that you’re engaged, what about the wedding ring?

The wedding ring is exchanged during vows in the wedding ceremony, and symbolises eternal love and commitment within a relationship. This precious jewellery can sometimes be overshadowed by its showy sister, the engagement ring, but at WOMAN we believe they deserve just as much attention and love.After all, the wedding band is ultimately the true symbol of your commitment to one another. Here is a guide on the wedding ring and everything you need to know when it comes to selecting and wearing your band. 

The meaning of the wedding ring

Wedding rings serve as a representation of enduring love and commitment within a relationship. Exchanged between two individuals on their wedding day, the band will long signify your marital status to the world – so it better be gorgeous! The beginnings of the wedding ring was born in ancient Egypt, where people adorned wedding rings made from plants flourishing along the banks of the Nile River. Eventually, these rings became  integrated into Christian traditions and took the form that we know today. The circular shape of the ring carries its own meaning; a circle has no beginning or end and is a symbol of infinity. 


How to wear the ring

Customarily, it is traditional to wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring on the fourth finger of your left hand, due to the vein in this finger leading directly to the wearer’s heart. Additionally, convention suggests placing the wedding band inside the engagement ring, due to the belief that wearing the wedding band closer to your heart symbolises a deeper connection and commitment. However, don’t be afraid to wear your band and engagement ring on separate hands – it gives them both a chance to shine, and if they are distinctly different styles then there is no worry of clashing or a challenge to stack.

How to pick your ring

Choosing a wedding ring is a deeply personal process, but here are a few steps to help guide you in picking out the perfect wedding ring:

9K YELLOW GOLD & DIAMOND BAND RING, John Franich Jewellers

Budget, budget, budget!

Determine how much you’re willing to spend on the wedding ring with your partner and decide before you go window shopping – this will avoid an awkward conversation at the desk! There are many factors that will affect the value of your ring, and there are plenty of savvy strategies to keep costs down, like using an alternative precious metal such as stainless steel or titanium, or setting diamond alternatives like moissanite or cubic zirconia.

Long-term considerations

It is super easy to get caught up in the moment when selecting a ring, but do take some time to consider how the ring will age over time. For example, white gold rings need to be maintained by re-plating the ring in rhodium every few years – this can become quite costly. A strong material that is great for regular and long-term use are titanium, tantalum, platinum, and black zirconium which are strong and durable metals that are resistant to scratching.

Research your jeweller 

Choose a reputable jeweller that has outstanding customer reviews – it will make a big difference for insights and guidance during the selection process and maintenance in the future. Another tip is to choose a jeweller that resonates with you and your purchasing ethics. Look for companies that are transparent about their sourcing and production processes, and their sustainability practices, so you can feel proud of where you have spent your money. 


Years of design experience coupled with a significant design library are the catalysts that will set you on your way to creating a jewellery masterpiece that is uniquely yours. John Franich invites you to visit their store and sit with them to discuss your needs. Together they can create a design as individual as you.

Visit John Franich Jewellers online to start your wedding ring journey today. John Franich also offers Afterpay to help spread the upfront cost of your investment. 


Competition Time! 

If you are getting engaged anytime soon and want to WIN your wedding bands – John Franich is running a competition on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook to submit your proposal videos for a chance to win.

The rules:

    1. The Winner will be announced on 18 June 2024, tagged and announced once contacted, posted to this page
    2. Posts will be reviewed, shortlisted and loaded to the competition page
    3. The winner will need to have submitted and shared a video on social media across a minimum of 2 social channels (ie: TikTok and/or Insta and/or Facebook).
    4. Posts need to carry the hashtag #johnfranichwedding
    5. Videos must be tagged to qualify for entry to at least 2 of the tags in the channels below:
  • Facebook – @JohnFranichJewellers
  • Insta – @johnfranichnz
  • TikTok – @johnfranich_jewellers

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