Woman Free Article

Megan talks body positivity, #selfcare and being told what to do.

I am browsing books when it happens, casually picking up covers that look interesting, before discarding them, constantly searching for the thing that speaks to me. A woman glides over, leans in for a conspiratorial whisper. “You’re so brave to wear that,” she says. “I could never.”

Bewildered, I look down. What on earth am I wearing? Did I inadvertently leave the house in a bikini in the middle of winter? It’s a slogan T-shirt – girls can do anything – and a pencil skirt. It’s all black. Then my eye catches a glint of light, and I remember the skirt is sequinned. And I’ve forgotten I’m fat.

I’ve spent so much of my life being told what I should and shouldn’t do. I should…

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