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27 March 2022

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Ingmar Bergman’s Autumn Sonata was the inspiration for the April fashion spread.There’s a reclusive daughter, who’s been living quietly in the country. She wears greens, blues and greys. Colours that are consistently present in the outside world. Then there’s the mother who has been absent for many years. The film starts with her sudden arrival; unexpected, like the first cold snap. The colours worn by her are much like those in autumn, they come and go. Everything that happens fast doesn’t live long. The mother vanishes soon after and so will the beautiful reds and yellows we’ll be seeing on our trees in April.

My advice for this season is to dress like the season. Nature is kindly providing us with colour therapy. Wear it.

Versace corduroy pants, Search & Destroy, $85; Amazing skivvy, Search & Destroy, $65; Macbeth scarf, large, Gloria, $120; Heirloom earrings, Silk & Steel, $89; wide belt, Deadly Ponies, $199.

Macbeth scarf, large, Gloria, $120; Margaret Howell seamless V-neck cardigan, Fabric, $829; Heirloom earrings, Silk & Steel, $89; Stocking top, Camilla and Marc, $186.

Macbeth scarf, large, Gloria, $120; Rae skirt, Kate Sylvester, $369; Iris cardigan, Kate Sylvester, $379; Alice Skinny Rib turtleneck, Kate Sylvester, $299; Oski socks in Natural, Ovna Ovich, $59; Boston wool-felt clogs, Birkenstock, $200.


Maya dress, Kate Sylvester, $499; Jade Falcon earrings, Hailwood, $429; Valencia heart ring in gold onyx, Hailwood, $399; Chrysanthemum gold ring, Hailwood, $339; Our Legacy Camion boot, Fabric, $899.

Mellowpuff sweater in Sweet Pea, Hej Hej, $240; pleated wrap midi skirt, Cos, $200; Chrysanthemum gold ring, Hailwood, $339; Heirloom bracelet, Silk & Steel, $129; Oski socks in Forest, Ovna Ovich, $59; Boston wool-felt clogs, Birkenstock, $200.

Velvet Wave dress, Hailwood, $399; Jeffery frames, Kate Sylvester, various prices; Jade Falcon earrings, Hailwood, $429; Valencia Heart ring in Gold Red Agate, Hailwood, $399.

Ovna Ovich Kom Jumper, $540; Stocking top, Camilla & Marc, $186; Hej Hej Fancy Pants in Forest, $220; Oski socks in Forest by Ovna Ovich, $59; Yontif frames, Moscot, $535; Jade Falcon earrings, Hailwood, $429; Chrysanthemum gold ring, Hailwood, $339; Scented Gardens for the Blind by Janet Frame, gifted from Search & Destroy.





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