The Fashion Trend That Isn’t Fleeting – Outfit Repetition

Anna Wintour Trademark Sunglasses

Outfit repeating might be something that we all feel a bit intimidated by, but never fear, repetition is here! Fashion trend forecasters are predicting ‘repetition’ as a big one for 2023. When you think of Steve Jobs, you probably picture him in a black turtleneck, right? How about when you think of Taylor Swift… did a classic ruby red lip cross your mind? We are being encouraged to pick a staple piece and have it on rotation, wearing a signature piece with a variety of our other clothes. 

Integrating your clothes into numerous outfits is a step in the right direction when it comes to pulling away from fast fashion and fleeting trends, which means this up and coming repetition trend might just be the key to reducing our textile waste. 

Having staple pieces that are instantly recognisable will shape your personal brand and become integral to your style. Over time, these signature pieces will become emblematic, like they have for Elton John, who we associate with a pair of groovy, embellished glasses, or Anna Wintour and the chic oversized sunglasses that never leave her nose.

The repetition trend gives us a way to shape our personal brand without having to constantly keep an eye out for the next ‘it’ item. It also means we will be generating less waste, as we pull away from our former friend, fast fashion, and lean into creating sustainable looks with the clothes already in our closets. This is a great way to discourage overconsumption and slow down the prevalent fast fashion crisis.

Textile waste makes up over 10% of carbon emissions worldwide each year (more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined!), which is a huge contributor to climate change. So don your favourite velour tracksuit (Paris Hilton’s signature outfit) more often and you’ll not only be partaking in the latest 2023 fashion trend, but also making a step in the right direction when it comes to cutting carbon emissions.

Is Ageing Turning Into A Trend?

Jamie Lee Curtis Serving Silver Hair Heiress

Many women have been fighting ageing as if it’s a battle, using anti-aging skincare to try minimise wrinkles, stocking up on collagen supplements, and reaching for the box dye at any sight of a grey hair. But the truth is, there’s just no stopping it, so why don’t we flip the narrative and embrace ageing rather than trying to reject it?

Many of our favourite celebrities are welcoming ageing, ‘pro-ageing’ if you will. A few of these celebrities include Jamie Lee Curtis, Andie MacDowell, Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet. Actress, Julia Foxx, even sprayed the roots of her hair silver at the CFDA fashion awards last year. “This is a love letter to getting older. Yeah, we’re embracing getting older.” She stated proudly. 

Men age ‘like fine wine,’ they get ‘salt and pepper hair,’ they grow more mature, develop dad bods… need I go on? Men supposedly gain value as they age. Whereas, if women don’t age ‘gracefully,’ they are discarded by the media. It’s almost as if there’s an invisible expiry date looming above our heads – Thanks patriarchy. 

The media industry has encouraged impossible standards of beauty for far too long. With almost every photo we see (of models, actresses, singers, or any woman in the public eye) airbrushed to smoothen skin, brighten eyes, and whiten teeth, it’s not a surprise that celebrities who’ve had their appearance scrutinised their whole lives are speaking out and working to remove the stigma from feminine ageing.

The patriarchy has socially conditioned women to subconsciously believe that our worth is held in our beauty, and we are only considered beautiful when we are young – how bloody silly is that? In reality, the way we look is the least interesting thing about us. All of us. We are so full of passion and talent, knowledge, wisdom, power, inspiration, and strength. We can be soft or hard, we can be silly or serious, we can work hard and play hard. Women are very versatile, and completely capable creatures, and we are women. 

With this being said, none of us are above using creams, supplements, or botox, and don’t look with judgement at those who have used them. This ageing trend is simply spotlighting what is truly important – that a woman’s value does not lie in her beauty or youth. It isn’t the external that’s important, it’s the internal. There is so much power in growing older that we should be looking forward to harnessing and using to our advantage. There are new experiences we are yet to gain, people we are yet to meet, stories to tell, and more kindness to be shared. 

Unlike most trends, this ‘pro-ageing’ movement looks like it’s not going anywhere and it seems like it’s only going to get more intense. Healthy ageing truly is based on your attitude, not your appearance. So wear your age with pride, as not everyone is lucky enough to age. Those wrinkles by your eyes show years of laughter and love. The stray greys sprouting around your temples are a symbol of your wisdom – you earned them.


Our Fashion Week Faves


As we all know, fashion inspiration starts at the tent pole shows before they quickly trickle down to fast fashion companies that produce dupes at alarming speeds . Both New York and Paris Fashion weeks have been and gone, but WOMAN+ is here to discuss some of our favourite collections  that were seen on the runways.


This year, we saw a very wearable collection with a mostly neutral, earthy toned coloured palette. Calm camel beiges, muted grey-blues, pale burnt oranges and funky pops of fluoro green were donned in free-flowing silhouettes with plenty of movement. However, the focus was without a doubt on the highlighter green we kept seeing in accessories and outfit essentials. Although we thought the era of green was done and dusted since Bottega Veneta took the world by storm in Daniel Lee’s Spring 2021 collection, it seems that fluorescent lime is the 2023’s take of the colour of lush tranquillity.


Oh how we missed Mugler’s presence on the runway. This was their first show since lockdown and it was nothing short of striking. Full of 90’s supermodels and cultural icons, Mugler had a range of models spanning widely in age, ethnicity and size to hero the diversity. Denim, leather, and lace was a feature in this collection and asymmetry was also a big star of this show. Boundary-breaking in classic Thierry Mugler’s fashion, the designs and fabrics in this collection made for a playful yet sultry runway experience.


This collection was inspired by Ferragamo’s historic connection to Hollywood to give it a strong 1950’s-esque vibe. Designer Maximilian Davis seems to have plucked out our 50’s fashion soft spots and modernised them to make this collection more wearable. Have we mentioned how big bags have subtly started to take over the mini bag trend? That’s right, move over mini, big bags are in, and this Ferragamo Fall 2023 collection absolutely aced it.


Described as a sexually charged show, the Diesel collection was a highly anticipated one. Diesel is named the designated ‘it’ brand of the moment in online discourse, sharing the title with Miu Miu of course. In the jean world, we are still loving low-rise but they’re slowly getting skinnier – a scary thought for those of us who have latched on to our baggy mom jeans.

Miu Miu

Tights – everyone has a pair, which makes this new look accessible to everyone without spending a dime. Miu Miu have truly started something with this rather innovative exposed tights idea. The way the top part of the tights adds dimension and breaks up each outfit is a unique way to style a pair of tights.

Honourable mention to the Miu Miu ‘no pants’ or ‘micro shorts’ – this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Micro skirts have become so popular that it only makes sense for shorts to follow suit.

Paris and New York fashion week woke the innovators of fashion and invited countless styling ideas. There truly is nothing like a bit of inspiration to prepare us for the upcoming change of season and liven up our wardrobes. These past fashion weeks have only made us even more electrified waiting for the next few. Look out for London fashion week, scheduled for early June 2023.

Best Bridalwear Designers Of Now

Danielle Frankel Studio

If 2023 is the year you’re getting hitched, or you just fancy a window shop, here are the best wedding dress designers blowing up on social media.

While you look for the perfect wedding dress, show your bridesmaids or your guests our list on the most appropriately stunning wedding guest dresses here.

Danielle Frankel

It’s all about the sleeves when it comes to New York native, Danielle Frankel’s bridal label. Danielle Frankel is known for creating dresses that have a point of difference from usual wedding gowns. Opting for a simple, relaxed bodice and creating interest in the detailing of the sleeves is a mastermind move on Danielle’s behalf – simply stunning.

CINQ Bridal

CINQ dresses are often centred around their staple ruched, sheer, mesh material which looks like a lush textured lace. But there is also so much variety at CINQ bridal which is why we are obsessed. Figure hugging, loose, long, short, tulle, lace, silky… the list goes on. CINQ founder Macye Wysner designed four different looks for her own wedding, because given the option, how could you choose just one?!

Eva Lendel

Timeless, ageless, and sophisticated – these are the qualities we aim for when looking for the dress we will say yes to – and Eva Lendel is ticking all the boxes. In her most recent collection, Less is More 2022, we saw Miss Lendel explore simple dress silhouettes with her own modern twist like a puff sleeve or mesh pearl cape.

Vivienne Westwood

Although Dame Vivienne Westwood may not be a very recent designer, a lot of her bridal gowns are growing increasingly popular and have been circulating in online discourse. Rest in peace to a fashion icon and trailblazer, I can’t think of a better way to honour Dame Vivienne’s legacy than to don one of her designs on your big day. 

Christie Nicole

Australian bridalwear designer Christie Nicole creates dresses for the anti-bride, who is non-traditional and focussed on paving their own path when it comes to their wedding. All dresses are handcrafted in Sydney and can only be described as magical works of art – loving the drama of the bold fabric pairings!

Five Fave Celeb Homes

Whether you’re after some inspiration or fancy a bit of a nosy into your favourite celeb’s home, WOMAN+ is here to help.

There’s something so satisfying about peeking into people’s lives, and it’s especially hard to say no when powerhouse musician Alicia Keys, or fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger willingly invite you inside. Human beings naturally have some sort of voyeuristic quality when it comes to having a gander at how the other half live. So let’s delve into some of the most opulent houses on the market.

Top 5 Favourite Celebrity Homes

David Harbour

Stranger Things star, David Harbour lives in this beautiful reconstructed New York apartment with his wife, singer, Lily Allen. This light and breezy 1,400 square-foot loft features an open plan layout with a mix of modern and old school wooden furniture. David has really done this space justice, scattering lots of books and plants everywhere. With the walls a cool crisp white and the floor Persian rug galore, David Harbour’s home is chic, sophisticated and fun.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Featuring a classic monochrome colour palette with soft blue accents and gold fixtures, Gwyneth Paltrow’s modern style home in Montecito, California feels blissfully peaceful. However as you move into the more casual living spaces of this home like the lounge room, you’re greeted with warmer tones. Beiges and soft yellows stir feelings of tranquillity and playfulness. Filled with geometric designs, and plants dotted here and there, each aspect of decor and delineation come together in harmony to create Gwyneth’s family sanctuary.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy and Dee Hilfiger spend the days they’re not working, lounging, in a beautiful Mediterranean style pad in Palm Beach, Florida. Sprawling bougainvillaea flowers climb up the coral stone walls and add the perfect flora detail to their bohemian yet modern vibe. Their divine dining area works with the arched ceilings and grandiose columns that are found all throughout the 2006 build. The Hilfiger’s have filled their outdoor area with cane furniture and an outdoor fireplace. The back porch looks out onto their personal dock where they keep their boats and jet skis. The indoor-outdoor flow of this house is truly flawless. Talk about luxury!

Flea – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Is there anything that screams, “I am a rockstar” louder than your own private movie pavilion? How about three separate structures spread over 5.7 acres? Or perhaps a lap pool in the hills of California? Well, Flea has it all. Australian-American musician and actor, Flea (Michael Balzary), best known as the bass guitarist from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, stays in a USD $8.8million home in La Crescenta-Montrose, California. The two houses on this property are different architectural styles – one is a modern structure, and the other is mid-century. Our favourite of the two (pictured), is the mid-century style house, built in 1953. The sun rushes in through the floor to ceiling windows and floods every room of this mansion with light.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys and husband, fellow musician, Swizz Beatz hang out in their circular house in Los Angeles. The USD $21 million house, which has been referred to as an architectural masterpiece, was used to film the Iron Man movies. With stunning ocean views, it’s no surprise a lot of the house is made up of giant floor to ceiling windows. However, nothing about the space feels clinical, like glass can often be. Alicia Keys’ marvellous mansion is clean and warm with a casual, laid back vibe. The pair have taken a lot of inspiration from every place they’ve travelled around the world which you can see shining through in the decor. Everything was curated or designed specifically for the space. 

A Celebration of Androgynous Icons

What does gender have to do with clothes? Not as much as we think.

Gender is a construct. We are all taught to perform the gender assigned to us at birth. Girls learn that they should like the colour pink, flowers, dresses, and makeup. They are taught to sit pretty, stay thin, be soft and sensitive. Boys grow up playing with toy cars and trucks, and building things. They are expected to be strong, unafraid, and are for some reason, assigned the colour colour blue. Of course, none of these things actually make you a man or woman. Gender is learned, which means gender can be unlearned.

Clothing is a big part of gender, or so we are told, when in actual fact, clothes are simply pieces of fabric. Why did we give clothing a gender?  How did we turn something so simple into a complex binary? Who knows. Androgyny can be defined as a way of dressing that doesn’t focus on the binary of ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’, it’s somewhere in between, or neither masc or fem. 

In recent years there’s been a gender-fluid flourish in fashion. We’ve seen men wearing skirts, nail polish, eyeliner, and taking a step toward androgyny. You can be soft and sensitive whilst also being masculine, and vice versa, you can be tough, powerful, and angry whilst also being feminine. 

It’s important to note that a lot of people have paved the way for androgynous dressing in today’s world. Celebrities like Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus are generally embraced and accepted for what they wear which wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for a lot of mostly queer, black and brown people.

These androgynous icons nail the gender-fluid look.


Prince wearing gold tank top

Prince wore makeup, donned a typically feminine silhouette, and rocked heavily styled hair. A true trailblazer in androgynous dressing.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose in double denim

Ruby Rose goes for more masculine presenting clothing, but is still regarded as an androgynous icon, after all, how could we forget this video from 2015.

Lil Uzi Vert 

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert loves wearing skirts and dresses as well as painting their nails. It’s also a very camp fashion statement to get a pink diamond installed in your forehead. 

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox singing in red gloves

One half of 80’s pop duo “Eurythmics,” who created the smash hit “Sweet Dreams,” Annie Lennox is truly an androgynous legend.

Billy Porter

Billy Porter at the Golden Globe Awards in white feather outfit

Perhaps the King of, “F**k gender roles”, Billy Porter often serves us a classy androgynous look on the red carpet. A true LGBT trailblazer.

Style Segment: Emily in Paris

Emily and her eclectic closet are back with better, bolder, fashion choices.

Self proclaimed fashionista Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, moved from the Big Apple to Paris in season one of Emily In Paris to pursue her career in marketing. Season two follows the dramatic ups and downs of her career mishaps and successes, messy love life, and ever-evolving friendships, along with some fashion fun on the side. Emily, who is always wearing something completely shocking, has admittedly controversial style – she’s got that love it or hate it type of fashion sense. 

Emily is often found in a loud, eclectic, and sometimes clashy outfit. Costume designer Patricia Fields, is well known for her work on both Sex and The City and The Devil Wears Prada, so it’s no surprise Emily looks confident in her daring style. But of course, Emily’s wardrobe is supposed to be exactly that, as it is a reflection of her character – flamboyant and loud. No one can deny this new season is a visual feast for the eyes.

Many fans of the show find themselves conflicted, often having mixed emotions about Emily’s style.

Here are some of Emily’s best ensembles from season two.

Gloriously green

Emily in Paris green jacket

A pattern mixing outfit that is carried out flawlessly. I love how the whole look is centred around green, and the pink from the top matches the shoes, it’s the details that count! Although there are a few different shades of green throughout this look, the dark forest green of the belt and bag really pull it all together.

Lush Lavender Frills

Emily in Paris lavender frill outfit

A super fun and, super flamboyant look in true Emily fashion, this strapless Lavender dress with giant ruffles and a floral yellow print is a memorable ensemble that was in theme with the event for the McLaren Artura.

Suave in St Tropez 

Emily in paris 40's outfit

A fan favourite, everyone is dying over this look online. The soft, subtle blue tones of the dress and shoes match flawlessly with this more arty, abstract coat. The headscarf and ridiculously giant white framed sunglasses give this outfit a classic 40’s era silhouette – divine.

Birthday Bows

Emily in Paris pink bow and kimono outfit

What to wear to your birthday other than a little black dress? Although this look is from season one, we couldn’t not include it. Emily nails this LBD with a rather camp pink bow across the bust, designed by Denmark label Rotate. It’s so elegant, chic, yet still flamboyant and fun. Emily wears a green, silky looking kimono over the top which helps break up the dress.

Perfect In Pink Feathers

emily in paris feather duster

It seems Emily has ditched the stilettos in season two! The juxtaposition of wearing something hyper feminine like this pink feather cape and the big chunky kick-ass heels is perfect for a modern spin on this retro-like feather duster.

Where to find Emily in Paris Pieces:


net a porter pink dress

Emily loves an off-the-shoulder cut, so this pretty pink tulip-like dress screams Emily.

net a proter green feather dress

This silky sleek feather dress delves into the more luxury side of Emily’s style. Classy and chic yet still has that playful edge to it that Emily does so well.


revolve floral two piece

Such a sweet little two piece. Introduce some pattern mixing and a hat, and you’ll have a very Emily outfit for the summer days.

Jeffrey Campbell

jeffrey campbell pink metallic boots

Our girl wears some pretty funky metallic boots in this season, here’s our take.


rotate black bow dress

By the same designer as Emily’s little black bow dress, This one has a large bow at the back, which is a major trend in bridal wear at the moment!

How Colour of the Year Will Affect Fashion in 2023

If you haven’t seen the news yet, universal colour matching system, Pantone, has picked ‘Viva Magenta’ as the 2023 colour of the year. Whilst WGSN (a trend forecasting company) has other ideas, naming ‘Digital Lavender’ as colour of the year. 

Each colour represents something different and will have its own effect on the fashion industry. Viva magenta has audacious and rebellious energy, and was picked as, “an unconventional colour for an unconventional time.” Which feels very fitting. It seems like we truly are living in the era of uncertainty currently. A lot of us are still adjusting back into normal life after the emotional and physical rollercoaster ride that the past couple of years has taken us on. Such a striking and bold colour like viva magenta may help lift our spirits and have us feeling flirty and fiery once more.

Although, WGSN’s digital lavender symbolises wellness and digital escapism. The calming and subtle purple hue also ties in with mental health, stability and balance – concepts which seem to be a heavy focus for all of us in 2023. There’s nothing better than a rainy Sunday morning lazing on the couch and escaping into the newest TV series. We need days like these to feel fully rested and energised for the journey that lies ahead of us. Maybe digital lavender is more fitting of a colour for this year than we realise.

So what does all of this mean for upcoming fashion in 2023? 

Although nobody can say for sure, it is my guess that designers are likely to pick one colour or the other and stick to it when designing clothes and collections. As you could’ve guessed, magenta and lavender are conflicting colours. The two tones are hard to wear together in a cohesive outfit, however, a full monochrome outfit of just magenta or lavender is very much encouraged – what a fun fashion statement! 

In 2022, Pantone picked ‘Very Peri’ as their colour of the year, a bluish tone with a hint of red that makes it seem almost purple. We didn’t see a huge amount of periwinkle blue on the runways last year, which leads me to believe that WGSN has had the better run when it comes to predicting colour of the year. WGSN had selected ‘Orchid Flower’ as 2022’s colour of the year. Looking back, orchid flower pink showed itself to be a prominent colour in fashion last year. Versace released their full pink outfits, complete with chunky square toe heels, zig-zag patterned tights, and mini skater style dress, in their Fall 2022 collection and that’s when we really started to see pink takeover. 

Which colour will you be repping in 2023?

WOMAN’s 2023 Fashion Forecast

We saw some pretty daring looks on the runways in 2022, which means we can expect double the fashion fun for 2023. Here are some of the main fashion trends we are anticipating in this coming year.


Outfit repeating is in. I repeat, outfit repeating is in. Wearing the same outfit more than a few times might be something we are all a little bit hesitant to do, especially with how fleeting trends are these days. But never fear, repetition is here! In 2023 we are being encouraged to don a staple piece that is worn so often, it starts becoming a recognisable item from your wardrobe. This is a great way to discourage overconsumption and slow down the prevalent fast fashion crisis. 

Mary-Kate Olsen and her beat-up Hermès bag are the perfect example of this repetition trend. During the mid 2000’s, Mary-Kate was hardly ever seen without her handy-dandy vintage Hermès bag, everywhere she went, the Hermes went too. The classic black bag became Mary-Kate’s signature, a fan favourite, and was integral to her personal style.


We’ve seen this style in previous years but it’s in 2023 that we can expect it to get serious. The main way we say the juxtaposition trend styled throughout the 2020’s is a frilly feminine skirt and black, chunky combat boots. This classic combo is taking a utilitarian turn. Mixing soft feminine silhouettes with clunky more structured pieces is the key to nailing this trend, a twist of edginess is the perfect amount of contrast to make a statement.

Utilitarian Style

Buckles, double belts, teeny tiny pockets, giant pockets, adjustable clothing, anything to make our lives easier is a trend we are welcoming with open arms. Utilitarian style was already gaining traction in 2022, and in 2023 we expect to see it even bigger and better than before. The Utilitarian trend will have a special focus on clothes and accessories made for heightened comfort and functionality.

Gold, Silver and Bronze

As we enter the recession, it is very likely that we’ll be seeing the fashion industry start to mimic money in many different ways. Shiny gold, silver, and bronze fabrics will be very popular in 2023, mimicking coins. This happened during the 2008 recession and it looks like it’s going to happen again.

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand, SKIMS, recently released a swimwear range that featured gold, silver, and bronze colourways.


Another reason we may be seeing more gold, silver, and bronze colouring in clothes is the futurism trend. Futurism has been around for a long time in the fashion realm, but we will start to see more wacky, out-there designs on runways this year, as designers push the boundaries further than they ever have before.

Take Bella Hadid at the Coperni show in October of 2022 for example. Bella stood in her undergarments as a liquid fabric made of polymers, additives and fibres were sprayed directly onto her body and shaped into a dress whilst on her body. This art-installation-esque display was a perfect illustration of what the futurism trend is to bring in 2023.

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