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7 August 2022

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Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is a powerful tool to be able to navigate daily life without resistance. To best use this forecast, review it once in its entirety at the start of the month, and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you.

Week One

Where there is doubt, don’t do anything. At the beginning of August, you will want to check on your inner critic and where any doubts lie in your life and iron out what you are concerned about. Be aware – is it your intuition or is it self-sabotage? You don’t want to be holding on to old, limiting beliefs about yourself which stop you from embracing what you want and who you truly are. This is a good week to look at judgement, especially of yourself. Ground yourself in nature, treat yourself compassionately and move gracefully, getting clear on what it is you know you want. Remind yourself of the skills you have to be able to move forward or look for support to gain the skills necessary. The change of season beckons and the warmer spring and summer vibes are starting to surface, and this week you are preparing for your growth as the seasons change.

Card of the week: Movement

This card comes in this week as we are making a transition and you are needing to evaluate yourself before you make your move. You are being asked to look at what you are moving towards and why. The grass isn’t always greener, but it could well be if your true motivation is growth. This movement may be a mindset or a physical situation.

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Week Two

The lion spirit animal is strong this week. We have an exceptionally powerful week energetically with the Lionsgate portal in alignment on August 8. You will be able to manifest rapidly this week, even though traditionally Full Moons are about releasing, the portal alignment a few days before and after August 8 will internally align you to more abundance, therefore your actions will need to match. Like a lion you want to watch and be strategic about your plan. This week is a death, birth and rebirth cycle with energy ending and allowing us to take ownership of what we want. Any part of you living in the past has the opportunity to step into this portal energy and blossom. Listen to what the portal energy is bringing up in your mind, body and soul. Is everything aligned? Use this energy to heal and find direction. If you are planning on taking a short or long holiday, this week would be a good time to take some time off.

Full Moon: August 12

Emotions are up for release as the freedom to express yourself is what we are aiming for. Take a little time to compare you self-expression when you are alone versus when you are around people – are you presenting yourself in the same way? The Full Moon is helping you release where you are not aligned and expand your understanding of yourself and your emotions. Release the residue of emotions that are not aligned with your heart.

Card of the week: Strength

This card comes up for you this week as the strength of the lion is being cultivated within you for a courageous spirit. The strength that is being asked of you is to feel and see the truth of the abundance you are wanting to create which will ensure the outcome that you want if you allow the chapter that needs closing to close.

Search “Soul33” on your app store to listen to the full meaning on the digital soul progression oracle feature.

Week Three

The portal has opened and aligned you with your emotions and physical needs. Now it’s time to reap the rewards of the internal and external changes made. Future planning is something you want to look at this week as physical movement is starting to take place. There is a bright future if you allow yourself to move through control and to surrender to being okay with not knowing some things while still working through your plans. Look for the blessings in your life as it stands, feeling blessed with what you have takes the pressure off the outcome. Being self-sufficient and accountable to your plans is important this week. You are in the power seat. Take extra time to meditate to hear and receive the reassurance from your deep intuition.

Card of the week: Silver lining

This card comes up as something this week that you expected may not be so, but instead there is a blessing in disguise. Whatever you see as a Plan B was actually meant to be your Plan A after all.

Search “Soul33” on your app store to listen to the full meaning on the digital soul progression oracle feature.

Week Four

There seems to be more clarity this week. If things in your life have ended and you have allowed chapters to close, you will start to see why a transition had to be made to give you more balance. Patience will be important this week too as you are being asked to reorganise your life. This may mean organisation quite practically but also in terms of rediscovering your passions and what’s stopping you from living them. You are being asked to reorganise for your life balance. If you are working in any capacity may want to look at balance in your career and life. Make some decisions and set intentions for the New Moon energy this week. Clarity is the word of the week – use it to understand and move beyond.

New Moon: August 27

Life can sometimes become about the grind and things can run away from us. This New Moon you want to focus on organising anything that needs to be, rather than pushing it into the periphery of your physical life or mind. Set intentions that are to bring about passion within you. Organise life so it’s evenly distributed. Ideally, we are always doing what we want to do but the reality may be that you need to increase the balance of what you need to do and what you want to do. This New Moon, your intentions should be clear around what is practical for you to achieve in the near future and having faith and allowing nature to take its course with the bigger things.

Card of the week: Faith

This card comes up for you to have faith in what you feel clear about in your life and that you are able to create the balance in your life that you are wanting to achieve.

Search “Soul33” on your app store to listen to the full meaning on the digital soul progression oracle feature.


This month has huge potential for you to organise your life and grow. A practical but cosmic organisation to set you back on the path of strength and courage. As we check in for alignment, we are also being directed by a guiding source back to ourselves.

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