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12 July 2022

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Astrologer Colleen Coffey has surveyed the skies and has some intel for the month ahead.


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Leo Ingress July 23, 2022, at 8.06am NZT

The sun moves into the fixed fire sign Leo – the fifth sign of the tropical zodiac. Those born under the influence of the lion are courageous, proud, and generous of spirit. Ruled by the mighty sun, Leos are natural leaders with a strong sense of ego – the Leo call is “I will.”

Many happy returns, Leo woman, may you sparkle as only you can! An almost whimsical start to your birthday month – the focus is on you. Your eyes are on your career and your imagination is fired and tuned. On July 24, the expansive power of Jupiter will push you and your plans forward. Hold your course despite opposition or power plays – an extraordinary new moon on July 29 will fire your enthusiasm and light a clear path forward. Then the ambience changes. On August 4, the sun makes an abrupt connection to the powerful partnership of Mars/Uranus in your career sector. This rebellious combination may push you to make radical changes, but just watch that the baby doesn’t go out with the bath water! The influence of conventional Saturn on August 7 will bring a sense of balance, if not a solution. The full moon on August 12 highlights partnership, putting the focus firmly on the important people in your life as your birthday month glides to a gentle close.


Aug 23 – Sep 22

Your wily ruler Mercury is in masterful Leo, and figuratively speaking, in the part of the chart that represents the back office, working out of public view. With connections to aggressive Mars and unpredictable Uranus creating an intense atmosphere, this is a brilliant time to tackle difficult tasks or deal remotely with contentious people. On August 4, Mercury moves into your most personal sector, unimpeded until August 12. Time for good, clear thinking and uncomplicated, decisive action. On August 12, Mercury connects again with Uranus, but now it’s harmonious and creative. This connection is mainly, but not exclusively, about your work. It represents innovation, change, and progress in a controlled realistic way – use this aspect well, and take the solar month from good to brilliant!


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Venus sitting in Cancer high in your chart accentuating the area of personal achievement, and the sun shining brightly on the area of friends bodes well for a sparkling start to the Leo solar month. Whether the emphasis relates to work, pleasure or societal activities, your ruler Venus has good planetary support and the only caution is not to push the good vibes too far, especially where money and spending are concerned. The new moon on July 29 heralds something new – assertive Mars, innovative Uranus, and intuitive Neptune are all in play, making this a perfect time to launch something special – particularly work-wise. The ambience changes on August 12 as Venus moves into authoritative Leo and the full moon puts you firmly in the driver’s seat for the remainder of a most productive month.


Oct 23 – Nov 22

Assertive Mars and unpredictable Uranus hold hands for much of the month. This affects all signs, but as Mars is your ancient ruler, you are more susceptible than others. A brilliant aspect for adventurous action or pushing boundaries, but be on guard, as the unexpected can and does happen. With this duo in the sector of others and a pesky connection between Mars and chatty Mercury, be circumspect with communication also. The new moon on July 29 highlights your career. With care, use the energy to push for innovation in this sector. Pluto, your potent modern ruler, links with Mars on August 3 – the power is in your hands. Tread carefully until August 16, the pressure will reduce and a month that started like a bull will finish like a lamb.


Nov 23 – Dec 21

The focus is on all things creative, love, children, sport and speculation. With your ruler Jupiter in fast-burning Aries, take speculation off the table and concentrate on the rest. This is a brilliant month for you – the sun and Mercury (the mind planet) are in the sector of philosophy, learning and other good things you love, and they are talking sweetly to Jupiter with no bothersome outside influence. On July 29, Jupiter turns retrograde and the new moon brings another creative boost. It’s a great time to begin something: start that course, write that short story or tramp that trail. On August 12, the full moon taps into Saturn, which will bring purpose and reality to your creative thinking. The lovely Venus links with Jupiter, gliding a creative month to a pleasurable end.


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Less-organised mortals would call this month frustrating, but for you, it is a chance to redress issues that did not previously meet your standards. Your ruler Saturn is retrograding, the prime focus is finance and the overarching influence is a terse aspect between Saturn and his nemesis Uranus (innovation and change). Whether it’s personal or professional, your buzzword must be “compromise” so you can find the sweet spot between the status quo (Saturn) and a creative new way (Uranus). Help will come from Mars from July 28 until almost the month’s end. July 29’s new moon highlights money and brings new vibes; be open to trying something different. Compliments of Venus, the tension will dissipate from August 4 to 14, and the month ends quietly.


Jan 20 – Feb 18

With your ancient ruler Saturn in retrograde contesting your modern ruler, rebellious Uranus, this is a month of “steady as she goes”. Grab the good bits when you can. Your prime focus is personal. The sun is in the opposite house of partnerships, with a niggly connection to Venus, the lady of relationships. Be extra careful not to neglect the most important people in your life. Mars, the planet of assertion, is hand-in-hand with unpredictable Uranus until August 14. Make the most of the cutting-edge energy, but do not take risks. The full moon on August 12 draws the month together, evens out the bumps and lights the way forward. Logical Mercury links harmoniously to Uranus – a clear head draws a difficult month to a close.


Feb 19 – Mar 20

You fare better than most in an erratic month. Neptune, your modern ruler, is retrograde in your sign and the focus is strictly personal. Jupiter, your ancient ruler, is in fiery Aries and highlights values, including money. Jupiter has a link to Mercury/mind until July 28 – get as much as you can off your desk or from your “to do” list by then, because Jupiter turns retro the next day and the momentum shifts. The Leo solar month puts the sun in your sector of work and service, and the new moon on July 29 highlights your aptitude for helping others. Mars links harmoniously to Neptune until the month’s end – a charismatic connection. Use it to promote yourself or your work and bring an average month to an end.


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Let’s cut to the chase. This is an “interesting” month. Assertive ruler Mars sits in passive Taurus, which slows your usual brisk, direct action. However, for most of the month, Mars is cheek-by-jowl with Uranus, the planet of eccentric brilliance, sometimes chaos. Money is the focus. Beware – risk and reward are exaggerated equally. “Proceed with caution” must be the catchphrase, but it does bring the opportunity to create or innovate in a unique and practical way. July 28 brings the controlling hand of Saturn, dampening volatile vibes but adding a touch of frustration – stay cool. On August 4, Pluto and Neptune supercharge Mars as restricting influences fall away. An exhilarating month closes with panache.


Apr 20 – May 20

A month of two halves. Your ruler Venus is settled softly in Cancer, with the focus on communication, community and siblings, and the Leo sun sits in the area of family. The new moon on July 29 also highlights family, either personal or extended, all of which would suggest it’s time for a catch-up or get- together. The end of July sees the duo of Mars/Uranus, action and innovation, link harmoniously with Venus – this is very creative, so if you have something in progress, don’t be afraid to step outside the square. Now is when it could work. On August 12, Venus moves into dramatic Leo, and the full moon highlights career and home life – a gentle reminder of work/life balance. Some planetary magic keeps the creative thread running as the month winds to a close.


May 21 – Jun 21

A busy month ahead. Ruler Mercury kicks off in authoritative Leo, with a strong focus on communication. Around July 27, brilliant and unorthodox Uranus and responsible, orthodox Saturn both join Mercury’s team. The energy could muddle your thinking or you could balance them to create, invent or implement something brilliant and practical – something within your scope. On August 5, Mercury moves into analytical Virgo. All influences fall away, leaving your thinking unencumbered until the full moon on August 12, which again spotlights communication – massive if you are involved with teaching or learning. Uranus plus imaginative Neptune and evolutionary Pluto link with Mercury for a last hurrah in the most stimulating month.


Jun 22 – Jul 22

You can grab some downtime at the start of the month, but your ruler, the moon, is in restless Gemini, with connections to work, so a quiet catch-up may be the best option. Good vibes carry through to and after the new moon on July 29. This is a good time to kick-start a project or revitalise an old one – money and/or values are highlighted. The first quarter moon is on August 5, with a full moon on August 12. Your moon connects into the month’s aspect – Uranus/freedom contests Saturn/ boundaries, with some Pluto/manipulation for good measure. Your pressure point is home and partnership – the bumps are transitory, but they will repeat. Watch your work-life balance! The last week of the month will be quiet and peaceful.

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