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16 August 2022

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Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Virgo Ingress August 23, 2022, at 3.16pm NZT 

The sun moves into the mutable Earth sign Virgo, the sixth sign of the tropical zodiac, and the largest zodiacal constellation by area. Those born under the influence of the Virgin are practical and versatile. Ruled by nimble-witted Mercury, they are analytical and said to be hypercritical. They also serve humanity more than any other sign, often in health. Fittingly, their call sign is “I serve”.  

Many happy returns, Virgo woman – Mercury starts the month in your sign but moves to airy Libra on August 26. This may mean that where you have had a free hand, you may now need to consult with others – but either way, “the force is with you” compliments of Mercury’s happy three-way connection: to Pluto/regeneration, Mars/action and Uranus/innovation. Your focus is split between career and family, with kids a high priority – but your kit bag is well-stocked with tools to be creative and persuasive without being bossy.

On September 9, Mercury turns retro, which will halt some plans and processes but also give you the opportunity to cast your discerning eye over work in progress and rejig where necessary. Expect changes and be prepared to compromise if reality falls short of expectations. A magical full moon on September 10 connects you and other people, specifically special ones. It is the perfect time for others to celebrate you for your service.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Your ruler Venus is in gregarious Leo in the house of friends and associates, but a challenging connection between Venus and Saturn/restriction means you are unlikely to party any time soon. The abrupt connection between Saturn and Uranus means your negotiating skills and your need to find a balance will be tested. Saturn holds you to the status quo while Uranus pushes for change and innovation. This is probably related to work, especially if your work is creative, or family, especially kids. The tension will ease on September 5 when Venus moves into Virgo. You will be able to grab some quiet time before the pace picks up on September 7 courtesy of active Mars in agitating mode. Don’t retreat – the ambience may be brusque, but it is super useful when it comes to achieving the impossible.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 22)

With potent rulers such as Mars/assertion and Pluto/power, you rarely get a “lightweight” month, but this could be one. That doesn’t mean there will be no issues – it means less intensity. Mars highlights shared values and resources. Pluto has his finger on communications, especially within the family – both are linked to Mercury in conciliatory mode until September 1 – so it’s the perfect time to discuss contentious issues. Friends, fun and light relief come with the full moon on September 10 and Mars forms a productive link to Saturn. On September 9, Mercury turns retrograde; it will be disruptive but with the planets clicking into a harmonious aspect with Pluto, you will be free to soldier on without impediments.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21) 

Your mighty ruler Jupiter is in confident, fiery Aries and there is little serious interference from other planets. The sun sits high in your house of public image and professional aspirations, your focus is creativity and your eyes are on big-picture projects. You are in fine fettle, but the best lessons this month are compromise and patience – why? Because Jupiter often promises more than it can deliver, and the scene is set for this to be one of those times. Keep thinking big and planning ahead, but look both ways before you leap into anything with a high risk factor. On September 9, Mercury turns retrograde. This is a made-to-order revision time. Plans will change with inevitable resets, but you can be sure that when you launch, you can land on your feet. 

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

A month best described as “small steps for small gains”. With your staunch ruler Saturn on guard over money there’s little chance of you taking a risk, so don’t dwell on that which you cannot control. Keep an eye on relationships, especially with kids – leave work at work. Mercury, the planet of rational thinking, moves into your area of work/career on August 26. This may make things a little edgy, but it’s this “edginess” plus agitation from Jupiter (optimism) that keeps the small steps coming. On September 12, Mars/action and assertions will make a superpowered connection to Saturn in your area of work and service – this is the aspect of the month. It turns plans into action and takes the month out on a high note.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

The feisty reset between old and new, courtesy of your ancient and modern rulers, Saturn and Uranus, monopolises planetary forecasting. Family relationships, close and/or extended, are the pressure points, so expect niggles until September 5. Best to not engage – let them pass and concentrate on the positive. Mercury, Saturn and Mars (thought, structure, action) link from September 12 until the month’s end. This plays to your creative strength – “Aquarian magic” makes realistic, workable solutions out of zany thoughts. Apply this to your professional or home life, but for your greatest satisfaction, use it to enhance your personal creative journey. Venus and the sun link into Uranus on September 14, making the month’s end much brighter and more purposeful than its beginning. 

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) 

There is a kind of hush surrounding you this month – you might be in hibernation mode or following a personal journey of introspection. The world is not leaving you behind – it’s simply time to tread water. The new moon on August 27 highlights other people, specifically partnership, and there is pressure on you from Mars to participate. Before you put on your reclusive hat, remember it may be other people’s needs, not your own. There is a connection between Mars and your beneficent ancient ruler Jupiter. This creates an opportunity to “do” – the implication being to do good! On September 10, the full moon is tailor-made for you. It incorporates Neptune, your modern ruler, which will guide a gentle month to a gentler end.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Your ruler Mars is freewheeling in sociable, airy Gemini, with a supercharged link to chatty Mercury. The focus is on all forms of communication, with teaching and/or learning highlighted. Make every post a winning post – launch, promote, and negotiate. The new moon on August 27 endorses the theme, so if you make, trade, or sell, it’s time to “tout your wares”. On September 6, lovely Venus brings a harsh reminder not to neglect the ones you love while you are busy “being busy”. On September 9, Mercury turns retrograde, so expect delays with changes, especially at work. On September 12, Saturn (structure and discipline) links to Mars in a super-supportive aspect. This will consolidate all the good things you have achieved, push the good vibes and make it a month to love.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

The month opens with your ruler Venus in dramatic Leo under pressure from structured Saturn and rebellious Uranus. The focus is split between home and work and you might feel caught between a rock and a hard place. Hold your ground – it will ease around September 4. The pendulum swings on September 5 when Venus moves into compatible Virgo – it won’t go quiet, but courtesy of assertive Mars, you will feel you have a chance of winning, or at least getting the job done. A mystical full moon on September 10 draws fun and friends together. This is followed by a brilliant link between Venus and inspirational Uranus with the focus firmly on creativity. A difficult month ends as Venus moves into the sun’s beam. 

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21)

The solar month starts with the focus on home and family, but with your ruler Mercury and the sun in diligent, practical Virgo, don’t expect a gentle domestic retreat. In fact, with the sun/Mercury combination linked into a hyperactive Mars in your own sign, it is more likely be a domestic workout, and with powerhouse Pluto in the mix, expect some intensity. On August 26, Mercury moves into Libra. The domestic flavour remains, but the priority shifts to the kids, sport, creativity and simply having fun. On September 9, Mercury turns retro. This means things will be undone and redone, followed the next day by a full moon, which will spike your restless nature. This worries some, but to you, the shifting sands and variety on a daily basis are just par for the course.

Cancer (Jun 22 – Jul 22)

As the month opens, the moon, your ruler, is gentle in her/your sign – gentle but not benign. Contact with compulsive Pluto puts intensity and tension in the air. The new moon on August 27 falls in your house of communication, but there is no planetary interaction, so it will not have the usual new moon kick-start. That may come as the moon moves into expansive Sagittarius and the first quarter phase. On September 6-9, the moon moves over Pluto and then Saturn – a tense three days. Hold tight to the reins you want in your control. Then the full moon links tightly to the magic of Neptune, with some inspiration from Uranus. It’s not the time to break records, but it is special when shared, with an afterglow that will carry you to the month’s end.

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22) 

A feisty start to the month, it may be a difference of opinions or just you in super-efficient mode; the focus is material things, especially money. The new moon on August 27, coupled with Jupiter’s knowledge and wisdom, shows how compromise can ease tension. Between September 4 and 21, the sun connects to super-inspirational Uranus. This brilliant aspect will take your creativity up a notch or two, and although it applies mainly to work, it will spill over into all areas. On September 10, the full moon ties into whimsical Neptune, and this has a feel-good factor, but keep your feet on the ground and the dreams real. Pluto’s power combines with the authority of the sun, putting you in a position of strength as the Virgo solar month ends.

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