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23 November 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Whether it’s a table setting, for the tree or a shelf display, use Resene FX Metallics to create your own modern Christmas decor.

You will need

  • Pencil,ruler and Resene craft knife
  • 5mm-thick balsa wood
  • Resene test pot brush
  • Resene artist brush set
  • Papier-mâché and wooden baubles
  • Quick-set glue
  • Resene trade advance masking tape
  • Resene Metallic Gold Dust
  • Resene Magma
  • Resene Lucky Point
  • Resene Wavelength
  • Resene Blue Moon
  • Resene Kalgoorie Sands
  • Resene Paper Doll

  1. Use the full width of your balsa wood and cut a triangle around 23cm high. You can make various heights for added interest, like we did on our table.
  2. Using the outside off-cut pieces, glue the straight edge and place it on the centre of one side of your complete triangle, with the points meeting at the top. Repeat on the other side once the first is dry so it stands evenly
  3. To create our multi-coloured version, start by painting large strokes of Resene Lucky Point with your Resene test pot brush. Paint all sides leaving enough space for the rest of your colours. Let dry.
  4. Now do the same with Resene Wavelength using one of the larger Resene artist brushes. Let dry and repeat the same technique with Resene Blue Moon.
  5. Finally Resene Paper Doll. Overlapping parts of each colour creates dimension and makes a more painterly, layered effect. It doesn’t need to be perfect. The aimis for each side to have a good mix of colours using different strokes
  6. Once all your colours have been applied and are dry, use one of the small Resene artist brushes from your pack and overlap smaller strokes to create flecks of Resene Gold Dust metallic paint.
  7. We used the same technique as above as well as the following for our larger baubles. Paint the entire bauble in two coats of Resene Lucky Point and let dry between each coat. Use random, medium-size strokes of Resene Kalgoorie Sands and then Resene Magma in between. Apply two coats of Resene metallic paint so it really pops.

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