A chat with Share Satisfaction's founder Taslim Parsons

“The OPod is more than just an accessory; it’s an invitation to a world of discreet pleasure.” The OPod is Share Satisfaction’s newest product and the only toy on the market with its unique, pocket-sized design. Inside the adorable case, the OPod replaces eargasms with orgasms by way of a tiny suction vibrator.

WOMAN asks founder Taslim Parsons a few questions on sexual wellness, the future of the adult toy industry, and fostering empowerment of our bodies. Get  $40 off your O-Pod orders at Adulttoymegastore when using the code: ‘OWOMAN’.

Q: We love the AirPods-reminiscent design, could you please describe how you came up with  the look of the O-Pod? 

A: The idea originated during a visit to a trade show we attend each year to see what’s new in the  industry. While there, we encountered a manufacturer specialising in compact vibrators. Their  innovative approach piqued our interest, and after discussions and some adjustments to their initial  design, the O-Pod was born. 

Q: How does the practicality of this design and charging case make the O-Pod stand out  among other vibrator competitors? 

A: The practical design and convenient charging case is a feature not commonly found in the market,  making the O-Pod unique. Another of Share Satisfaction’s products, Sutra, was the first vibrator  launched in New Zealand to introduce a charging case. Now, we offer two vibrators with charging  cases with the arrival of the O-Pod. Its compact size and discreet appearance allow easy  transportation in pockets, handbags or luggage. We love that it has zero embarrassment due to the air pod-inspired design. 

Q: What inspired you to get into the world of the adult toy industry? 

A: My journey began working as a business development manager at Wholesale Solutions. Although  my background is in sales and marketing, I’ve been interested in product development and sexual  wellness for years. Share Satisfaction came to be after I recognised a gap in the market for beautifully  crafted yet affordable sexual wellness products. It’s been an incredible and fulfilling journey that I take  great pride in. 

Q: How do products like the O-Pod contribute to fostering empowerment and agency among  women when it comes to sexual pleasure and well-being? 

A: Products like the O-Pod play a vital role in empowering women to explore their sexual pleasure  and well-being without shame or stigma. By normalising self-pleasure, we enable women, especially  young women, to embrace their bodies, discover what brings them joy and feels right, and take  control of their sexual satisfaction. The accessibility and discretion of products like the O-Pod facilitate  this journey of self-discovery. 

Q: Do you think we are entering a new era of sex toys? 

A: We are definitely witnessing a new era of sexual wellness, which naturally encompasses  advancements in sex toys. Consumers demand superior products with thoughtful designs and high quality materials that cater to all genders and sexual orientations. This evolving landscape presents  an exciting opportunity for innovation and growth within the industry, reflecting a broader cultural shift  towards prioritising and normalising sexual health and pleasure.

The OPod is now exclusively available through the Adulttoymegastore website here. 

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