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5 ways to build a positive work culture that benefits leadership and staff alike

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18 March 2021

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This simple 5 step guide creates a culture of connection and understanding, builds leadership capability and empower people to reach their full potential.

1. Get to know your team

A key way to help improve wellbeing is to have some genuine face-to-face conversations in person or on video calls. Authentic discussion about who people are and what makes them tick goes a long way to creating an environment of belonging that fosters wellbeing.

“It’s about being that human leader of connection and empathy and trying to understand who’s in front of you, rather than telling the person who they are,” says Craig.

2. Foster connections with your team

Helping your team build connections with one another helps them maintain a healthy outlook on life and is a crucial part of their overall wellbeing. We spend so much time at work – why not make the most of it and reinforce a healthy culture of camaraderie between your employees? “Hardly anybody ever is performing at 100 percent. And the ability to even up workflow, and protect and help others when they really need it, is a sign of respect and teamwork,” adds Craig.

3. Support others to look after themselves

As well as strong interpersonal relationships, wellbeing is also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From exercise to making healthy life choices, there are plenty of habits employers can encourage their employees to pick up in order to make a positive change in their lives. “I want proactive wellbeing support,” says Craig.

4. Make it okay to ask for help

Foster an environment that removes the stigma too often associated with low mental wellbeing in the workplace. This can help empower your team to ask for help before they really need it.

5. Make a longer-term commitment to wellbeing

If you’re looking to make a long-term commitment to improving wellbeing in your business, consider creating a personalised wellbeing plan or establishing wellbeing policies, signalling your dedication to fostering a healthy culture. “It’s not about money. It’s about time,” says Craig.

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